Financial instrument that is not just saving and expanding the customer base, but also preserving working capital
«AA Factoring»
Save time - multiply money.
Factoring is a catalyst for your business
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Experience in factoring
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Digital factoring
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Factoring is an effective financial instrument that allows:
Develop business by accelerating cash turnover

Optimally manage working capital

Save time and efforts on resolving disputes with partners
If an enterprise has to work with deferred payments, the pause between the shipment of products or the provision of services (execution of work) and the receipt of money negatively affects the dynamics of the business. The factoring company, acting as a financial partner, pays the money immediately after the transaction is completed. It also assumes not only the functionality for managing accounts receivable and organizing factoring services, but also hedges the financial risks of non-payment on the part of Buyers (Debtors).
The product that fits your business
There is a wide range of tools for different business areas in the "AA Factoring" line of financial services. We are ready to offer flexible individual conditions for each client, depending on the specifics of any company.
Financing of State Contracts
Work within the framework of the Federal Law on Public Procurement? Need money to replenish working capital? Factoring allows you to receive money under the executed contract with deferred payment.
Purchase financing or agency factoring
This is an opportunity to get factoring financing for the purchase of goods at the right time as well as make payments on the issued invoices timely.
The advantage of this product is its low cost, which can be compared with a loan, because the Client assumes the right to pay under the contract.
Non recourse factoring
A classic product that meets "sold and forgotten" principle. The factoring company is responsible for managing accounts receivable and assumes the risk of non-payment.
Digital factoring
A type of factoring that transits to ED tools and involves no printouts
Administrative management of receivables
A non-funding service that allows Clients to outsource financial management functions
A type of recourse factoring that does not involve notification of the Buyers of the fact that the Client has ceded monetary claims to the Factoring Company.
Just 3 steps for the money
to be in your account
Step 1. Fill the application
Send the documents necessary for making a decision to conclude a factoring agreement.
Step 2. Receive the decision
Your application will be reviewed within 30 minutes and you will be contacted to inform of the decision.
Step 3. Get the money
Sign the factoring agreement on mutually beneficial terms and receive payment immediately after the delivery of products or services (execution of work)
Get funding right now
"AA Factoring" provides transparent and secure interaction of all participants of the factoring transactions.
Do business, not seeking for finance!
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Universal Bank founded in 1995. Included in the top-10 of largest banks in Russia and in the list of systemically valuable credit institutions approved by the Central Bank.
Professional solution for counterparty verification, credit and tax risk management, marketing, investment analysis and affiliation search.
Professional participant in the audit, appraisal and consulting services market. Member of the Forum of Firms Association, which unites the largest international audit networks.
State Development Corporation. Its main task is to contribute to the long–term Russian economy development. In partnership with commercial banks, VEB is engaged in financing large-scale projects aimed at developing infrastructure, industry, social sphere, strengthening technological potential and improving the quality of people's lives.
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